salted dreams sugary sea


I was born in 1992. But since 15 years old, I'm sure that I stopped aging.

I live in one of city in Sulawesi Island. K shape island on the Earth. 

I'm a karateka since 2002, and held black belt in 2008.

I'm a 'deep swimming pool' phobia caused by an accident in 2011.

Since I love photography, my father bought a DSLR camera for me in 2012. It was one of the happiest moment in my life.

I started to become an illustrator in 2013. Amateur one.

I have been dreaming to visit Japan since childhood, the dreams came true in 2014 when I joined SSEAYP and became one of Indonesia Participating Youth 41. I thank to God of this one in a lifetime experience.

November 2015 was the last time for me to join a karate championship. It was in South Sumatera and I got a (last) gold medal. 

I started working in 2016 at an investation company. 

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